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Interconnecting STEM - Math Infusion


This paper addresses the following claim(s): "Infusing mathematics in STE at the middle school will improve student learning in mathematics and student disposition towards mathematics."

The Center for Technological Literacy (CTL) at Hofstra University, supported by NSF
grant#0314910 (The Mathematics Science Technology Partnership MSTP Project), reported
promising results from infusing mathematics concepts into science, technology, engineering, and
mathematics (STEM) curricula at the middle school level. The mathematics is introduced into
science, technology, and engineering (STE) lessons at critical points so that the infused concepts
naturally fit with the concepts and skills taught in the STE content areas. The mathematics
concepts are relevant, meaningful and areas which students find difficult. In addition, while our
model for infusion promotes connections between the STEM disciplines, it does did not attempt
to combine STEM into a curricular whole, but rather allows each subject to maintain its own
perspective, while infusing mathematics throughout.